Michelle Cermak

Healthy Balance Fitness trainer

Classes you are currently instructing for Healthy Balance Fitness:

HIIT Boot camp and Boxing at East Hawthorn, HIIT Boot Camp at Caulfield, and the General level Running Group at the Tan Track on Thursday mornings.


Why did you choose to work in the fitness industry?

Keeping fit has been a passion of mine my entire life, and I love how simply incorporating exercise into my life enriches it in so many ways. I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to instil this feeling in others, helping them get as much enjoyment out of exercise as I do.


What do you love about instructing classes?

The team effort and energy, everyone enduring exercise together.


What do you feel are your best assets as a fitness trainer?

Correct technique in movement, motivating others and creating interesting class plans.


What do you like to do in your own time (when you are not working)?

Spending time with close friends, working out myself, listening to dance music and going out for the occasional night out on the dance floor :)


What is the most challenging or rewarding fitness event / achievement you have tackled in keeping yourself fit?

Managing a lower back injury to full recovery through continued, modified exercise programs for myself in order to maintain my current and ongoing level of fitness.  I completed the Eureka Climb in 2010 and the Tough Bloke Challenge in 2012.


What advice would you give to someone who thinks they are too unfit / too old / too busy to try a fitness class?

Continuous movement in life is imperative in sustaining a good quality of life through to old age, and we all get older as the years go by. It’s never too late to start as effort is relative and we all have the ability to move. A fitness class is a great way to do this as there is lots of energy, motivation and many fellow people (believe it or not) in the same boat as you!