Jodie A

Healthy Balance Fitness Director

Jodie has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry in management, group fitness, personal training, and customer service.  Jodie has a Masters in Counselling, Certificate IV in Fitness, and a Diploma of Management.

Jodie is also a registered counsellor in private practice and the co-founder of The Moderation Movement which has quickly gathered a huge following on Facebook.

With a particular interest in body image and how that affects our thoughts and feelings about exercise and our other health behaviours, Jodie is passionate about helping to make the fitness industry less about aesthetics and more about true health outcomes.

She is a sessional presenter at The Butterfly Foundation talking with children and adolescents about body image, media literacy, and a balanced attitude towards health.


Classes you are currently instructing for HBF:

I manage the HBF team and look after the administration of all our courses.  My role consists of recruitment, induction, training, management, administration, marketing and plenty of other hats!  I instruct the Wednesday 6:30pm running group each week.


Why did you choose to work in the fitness industry?

For as long as I remember I have always gained tremendous energy and drive from helping others to feel better about themselves.  I would spend hours chatting with friends and family pointing out their strengths, celebrating their wins and convincing them of all the awesome goals they could kick next.  The more energised and positive they felt, the more purpose, passion and gratitude would fill me.  Even when a complete stranger fulfils their dream, I want to punch the air, high five them and cry with joy.  Let’s just say I have to watch the Olympics in short spurts!

I feel incredibly grateful that every day I get to help others discover the amazing things they’re capable of and enable them to realise their true value and potential.


What do you love about instructing classes?

Everything! The social aspect, meeting new people and watching bonds form between participants, watching clients confidence and enthusiasm for fitness grow, providing a quality workout filled with variety and fun, the creativity… I could go on and on!


What do you feel are your best assets as a fitness trainer?

Patience, attention to detail, professionalism, class structure, communication skills, listening skills and I genuinely care about people.  I get incredibly excited about other people’s achievements and goals, and I’m sure it’s catching.


What do you like to do in your own time (when you are not working)?

Other than my work, I enjoy:

  • Walking in nature, running, trying out new physical activities
  • Time with my dog, Franky
  • Seeing live music & music festivals
  • Social justice talks or events
  • Watching AFL live
  • Dinners with friends and enjoying our awesome city
  • Weekends away
  • Some would suggest talking!


What is the most challenging or rewarding fitness event / achievement you have tackled in keeping yourself fit?

Adventure racing and Duo-X off road duathlon!  In one particular Adventure Race, we kayaked, mountain biked and ran for 7 hours straight on French Island, reaching control points with the aid of a map.  It was so challenging, but incredibly exhilarating.  I’ve adored the Tough Bloke Challenge too!


What advice would you give to someone who thinks they are too unfit / too old / too busy to try a fitness class?

What you don’t realise is that everyone starts out scared before their first class. People think that they will turn up to a class filled with athletes. Participants are relieved to find that our classes are filled with people of all ages, fitness levels, body types and walks of life.  As for someone who says they are too busy for fitness, I would suggest that they check to see if the time they spend reflects their priorities.  Health and happiness are usually our most treasured gifts yet we don’t spend much of our week cultivating them.  You deserve to feel energised, fit, strong and confident.  You deserve to take time out to take care of yourself.