Brodie O’Hehir

Healthy Balance Fitness trainer

Which classes do you currently instruct for HBF?

General level Running Program on Mondays and Beginners level Running Program on Wednesdays – both at the Tan Track.  Special guest appearances in other classes too!


Why did you choose to work in the fitness industry?

I chose to work in the fitness because I really enjoy helping people achieve results and making fitness fun rather than a chore. For myself I enjoyed a varied fitness session, rather than the normal gym ‘type’ sessions that most of the generic gyms provide. I love being outdoors and bootcamps is where I chose to specialise in.


What do you love about instructing group fitness?

The people, the vibe, the fun and laughs, the challenges, the varied equipment, it’s not repetitive and most of all the people’s smiles and their feeling of satisfaction after they have finished the class. After all, the hardest part is just rocking up.


What do you feel are your best assets as a fitness trainer?

Encouraging each and every member, laughing and making the group feel welcomed. I like helping people take the next step and upping their fitness to a level they wouldn’t attempt on their own.


What do you like to do in your own time (when you are not working)?

Hit the beach, for a winter or summer walk.  Hang out with my niece and nephew.


What is the most challenging or rewarding fitness event / achievement you have tackled in keeping yourself fit?

100km Oxfam, all 4 of us crossed that finish line, there were tears of achievement walking through those finish banners. Many weekends were spent clocking up some kilometres in the legs and hitting sections of the course/bush tracks.


What advice would you give to someone who thinks they are too unfit / too old / too busy to try a fitness class?

You are never too old to try anything in life.  Tom Hafey was a busy man and one of the fittest with an incredible amount of energy in his 80’s thanks to exercise.

No one ever regretted waking up one hour earlier for fitness, more energy for the day and to feel good.