10K eCourse

10K eCourse


Take it up a notch to run your best 10K in 10 weeks. If you can jog 5K without stopping, you’re ready for this.


Product Description

Take it up a notch to run your best 10K.

Whether you’re looking to do your first 10K or your fastest, this 10 week ecourse will guide you the finish line.

Now that you have some experience in running, we’ll give you some more advanced tips and tricks via:

  • Training guidance
  • Running education
  • Support and encouragement

How does it work?

The entire course is delivered electronically (not face-to-face).

Each Sunday night you’ll receive your recommended training for the week via email. This plan is expertly crafted to build your fitness safely and efficiently throughout the course. Simply follow the three training sessions each week and you won’t believe your results.

Mid week a lesson will arrive via email, teaching you about technique, different types of training, fun run tips, and troubleshooting. You’ll be informed, motivated and thoroughly prepared for a 10K fun run.

Fitness success is greatly enhanced by social support. You’ll have access to our closed Facebook group so you can ask us questions, learn from our other runners, stay motivated and share your challenges and triumphs.

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for the great training classes. I was so happy with my results today and it all made a lot of sense while actually doing the run. I could barely even run a kilometre a couple of months ago so being able to do a full 10K today was amazing.” – Ladesha Dromgool, General Running Program

When does the course start?

Begin at any time. Let’s get started on your goal today. If you have a fun run event you’re training for we’ll help you work out the date your training needs to begin so your fitness will peak perfectly for your event. If you don’t have an event in mind, start now and in 10 weeks you’ll be running your best 10K!

What you’ll receive:

  • Weekly PDF outline of training
  • Weekly lesson – educational and motivational
  • Access to our members Facebook group for support and inspiration
  • PDF of entire training program (sent to you when you’re finished your course)

”Thanks Jodie, I am so excited about what I have achieved this year! I could not have done it without the support of Healthy Balance Fitness. I want to thank you for continually helping me to achieve my goals. I have made some amazing positive changes to my life this year and I am very proud of that. A year ago I would not have bothered to get up early on a Sunday morning to run 10K!!!! I’m looking forward to finishing off this year on a high and continuing to achieve new goals.” – Fran James, HBF Running Program

What commitment does it require?

You’ll need to commit to doing some running homework three times per week for an hour or less, and spend around 30 minutes once per week reading your lesson and completing a task. With a commitment of around three and a half hours per week you’ll be feeling awesome. You may even be bitten by the running bug!

What you’ll achieve:

If you follow the training plans and read your lessons, you will be guaranteed to be running 10K in 10 weeks time. Time to stop thinking about it and start your training!

Read our FAQ’s for more information.

“I love the program.  I think the notes that come with the program are well written, informative and helpful.” – Jenny Burchill, HBF 10K Online running program

“For someone with no running background, I never would have imagined to be able to run the 10K. I didn’t even think I could achieve 5K at the start of the course! Thanks again.” – Phuong Le, HBF Running Program

“Thanks for all your support on Sunday and the whole running program. I’m glad I went with the 10K for my first event and I’m really happy with my official time of 47:35 despite a few setbacks along the way in my training regime. I think it says a lot about your program. I can’t remember when I felt this fit and I owe a lot of that to HBF. You run a fantastic business and it is wonderful to be a small part of it.” – Richard K, HBF Running Program


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