Fall in love with feeling awesome

Melbourne's most highly awarded fitness classes

Fall in love with feeling awesome

Melbourne's most highly awarded fitness classes

Healthy Balance Fitness group fitness classes

Fall in love with feeling awesome

Melbourne's most highly awarded fitness classes

Our HIIT Boot Camp & Boxing Classes have closed

We'd love to see you at our running classes!

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8 Week Kickstart Program for all new clients

Your challenge is to attend at least 16 classes in 8 weeks – Easy!
Meet the challenge and you’ll earn $50

Attend 2, 3 or more classes per week  –  Any classes, any locations
Weekly guidance including food ideas, workout plans & more

You'll feel energised, confident, strong and capable because...

You'll get lasting results

You’ll make sustainable changes that will help you achieve YOUR OWN ideal balance.  Not just awesome classes, it’s a complete package of healthy meal & snack ideas, home workout plans, and education.

You'll stay motivated

With our unique approach to rewarding attendance, your guidance outside classes, and our regular benchmarking sessions, you’ll stay committed and achieve your goals.

You'll earn $50 for your attendance!

We know if you turn up regularly, you’ll get amazing results. Attend 16 classes in the 8 wk course and we’ll reward you with $50 credit to spend on our next program.  (*Available to first time clients only)

You'll fit right in

You don’t need to be fit to start, you can start where you are now.  Our members are all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.  We’ll tailor the sessions to suit your current fitness level so you’ll feel perfectly challenged but never overwhelmed or demotivated.

You'll enjoy exercise

Fall in love with exercise.  HIIT training is filled with a stack of variety, fast moving drills with mini rests, with a focus on functional full body training.  Every class will be different and the hour will fly by.

You'll be in award winning hands

We know that a healthy balance looks different for each person.  We’ll never promote extremes, deprivation, fads, diets, or body shaming.  We’ve won multiple awards for our dedication to client care, safety and quality customer service.

"I confess I was a little apprehensive before I started 3 weeks ago, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself for ages, so a HUGE thank you." - Neil Smith


Our HIIT and Boxing classes have closed – We’d love to see you at our Running Classes! – Check out the running timetable


• Hawthorn
• Caulfield

• Hawthorn East

Indoors during cooler months!

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Boot camp Melbourne
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Thousands of happy clients since 2003

We've been recognised in the Australian Health & Fitness Industry Awards five consecutive years!

Check out what our clients are saying

I have learned so many new things and can feel my body getting stronger!

The trainers are really great too!
Tessa Graham

I really enjoy the physical and mental challenge this boot camp provides.   The trainers are great and after the session I really feel like I achieved something.  I have also changed my eating and together with my new job I’m feeling so much happier in general.

I really like the trainers care about us not getting injured and always have an option so they ensure we still partake in the activity and work the same area.

All in all really impressed,  thank you.


Kylie A.

I wanted to pass on my comments regarding your trainers.  Jill continues to be extremely innovative with her program and is an enthusiastic, supportive trainer. Equally, Brodie offers a fabulous program with supportive enthusiasm.

Both trainers put an enormous amount of thought into their varied routines and always offer great advice and expertise. Thank you for making a difference to my physical and mental health.

Congratulations on a great club!

Whenever you join a new fitness group/activity, you’re so anxious that you’ll be terrible and embarrassingly uncoordinated and/or unfit and it’s quite a daunting experience normally. But I think whats so special about Healthy Balance Fitness is that you have a real philosophy of building on people’s strengths rather than focussing on deficits, and encourage us to just go at our own pace and celebrate our own milestones rather than worry about being slowest/weakest in the class… I think what makes you guys so amazing and unique to other groups out there.

What makes you guys amazing and unique

When I started boot camp I couldn’t run the 2 blocks to the tram without hyperventilating, and now I’ve competed in two 10k races and on a recent road trip I got up early every morning to jog along the beach. It really has been a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Healthy Balance Fitness is a fun and motivating way to get fit. The trainers and other team members are great and despite working hard during a session we always finish smiling!  

We always finish smiling

Thank you (and your excellent team) so much for helping me become fit for the first time in my life… and totally change my attitude towards exercise. I feel confident to try out all sorts of new activities that once I would never have considered doing – such as fun runs and lap swimming!

I forgot to tell our trainer this morning that since Boot Camp I am able to touch my toes for the first time EVER – Wow…..thanks guys!

I have never done something in my life that I feel so passionate about and am noticing results and am absolutely loving it. Think I am becoming a boot camp junkie!

It is a well deserved award because you work so tirelessly to achieve your goals and always help us in absolutely everything that we ask of you, we couldn’t ask for a better coach to lead us. You’re the best!

You’re the best!

I confess I was a little apprehensive before I started 3 weeks ago, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself for ages, so a HUGE thank you.

Best thing I’ve done for myself for ages

The Boot Camp sessions have been great and I have improved in all aspects of fitness… everything I wanted from the sessions. I have worked out with a number of your trainers and they are all great and push ‘just the right amount’. Keep up the good work.

Our HIIT boot camp and Boxing classes have closed - Please check out our running classes!

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