I think HBF is fantastic! I think you have a great team of dynamic trainers, I love the positive message that comes through in the newsletters and the encouragement to aim for balance rather than non-realistic ideals, I love your commitment to responsible and sustainable training and strong sense of a duty of care towards your clients and I love how inclusive the HBF family is, you definitely have my vote for another Industry award…

You have my vote for another industry award

This is the best money I have ever spent on fitness!!  I’m never going to a gym again!

Value for money

Thanks to you and your team I am feeling fit, happy and healthy and looking fabulous (If I do say so myself!)… You have really helped a single girl to get out there and enjoy life again!

Helped a single girl get out there and enjoy life again

I really love the way you run things Jodie, you’ve got a great business and some awesome trainers who go above and beyond.  I like the variety of your programs and the tips you send each week, it shows you do care and I can’t say I’ve come across any other fitness groups that have shown the same commitment to their clients.

Since starting HIIT boot camp my osteopath said she has noticed a real improvement in my back (even after just 4 weeks). It has been much looser, and she attributes it to the boot camp sessions.

Improved back muscles

Struth – your service is second to none, Jodie!

I am so excited about what I have achieved this year! I could not have done it without the support of Healthy Balance Fitness. I have made some amazing positive changes to my life this year and I am very proud of that. A year ago I would not have bothered to get up early on a Sunday morning to run 10km!!!! I’m looking forward to finishing off this year on a high and continuing to achieve new goals…

Just wanted to say thanks! I have made it through my first two classes and am absolutely completely obsessed. Really enjoying myself – it’s a great group of people and fantastic trainers.

Boxing and boot camp are the most fun I have ever had exercising and I love the positive messages from both the staff and newsletters! The workouts are varied; no two have been the same and there are always variations and alternatives if you need them. Michelle is supportive and encouraging and as a result I probably work harder than I would ever push myself at the gym.

No two workouts have been the same

Since my early teens, I struggled with self motivation to exercise. 2 years ago, I started to run all by myself. Last November when I was finally able to run /jog 30min without stopping, I was involved in a car accident. Nothing major but out of training for 10 weeks was a big low in my self-esteem… I joined the beginner running program early February and since then I am a much happier, fitter and more confident person. I discovered recently that we are running 6km each session, like can you believe I can run 6km twice a week while having fun with great people?! I could not, but I am and it feels great. Thank you so much to help me in my journey and to give me back this ‘can do’ attitude I had lost.    

No matter what your objective is, Healthy Balance is there to help you achieve it. I have been a regular on and off over the last 5 years. The ‘bridezilla’ in me gave me the kickstart with bootcamp sessions and now I am back after my second baby. Jodie’s team are the best in the business, it’s hard to find trainers that provide you with diversity, professionalism and flexibility.

I have just run my 5km this morning!  I am SO thrilled I have achieved my goal through your super training program and attached is a photo my husband took a moment ago in our kitchen.  He presented me with a little trophy … what a dear!  I feel like a marathon runner who has reached the Finish Line!

Thank you Jodie for your guidance and encouragement over the last ten weeks.     

Achieved my goal through your super training program

I have been with Healthy Balance Fitness for 6 months doing the HIIT class at Caulfield… and am really happy with the way I look and feel. If you want a great workout with great people come along and join this class!  

I thought I could train on my own at the gym but being a nameless faceless member it was too easy to come up with excuses and head home after work. Having Healthy Balance trainers that know me means that I feel too guilty to skip class but the best part is that the classes are fun and push me far harder than I would push myself so I am getting results and actually enjoying it.

Having only run briefly previously, many years ago, I was unashamedly roped into running again by an old friend.  Thinking I was in for months of ongoing pain and exhaustion, I was surprised and delighted with the Healthy Balance Fitness coaches and support provided by other runners. I can honestly say I’ve had a great time, I have fun and I never thought I’d enjoy running quite as much as I do now.  I can’t recommend Healthy Balance Fitness enough for anybody interested in starting, or improving their fitness regime.

I can’t recommend Healthy Balance Fitness enough

In truth I was expecting to hate boot camp, but I love it with a passion. Thanks for all that you do, I’m 40 in a few months and I’ve never ever been this fit or felt this strong. Thank you and keep going helping people, you are appreciated.

I joined the beginner group to help ease myself back into running. The group is a great pace and everyone works to their own ability and feels part of the group throughout. The trainers are great and I have made some friends along the way. I never thought I would look forward to going for a run after work.

Jodie – just wanted to thank you and your team for getting me fit and back on track again! I love the fact that we are pushed to stretch ourselves, but within a safe and supportive environment. I’ve gone from being someone who put off exercising because I thought I didn’t have enough time, to making it a priority in my life because I enjoy working out at the Boot Camp. As well as seeing an amazing improvement in my fitness over the past 2 months, I’ve got more energy… Thanks again!

Made exercise a priority because I enjoy Boot Camp

The Boot Camp sessions have been great and I have improved in all aspects of fitness… everything I wanted from the sessions. I have worked out with a number of your trainers and they are all great and push ‘just the right amount’. Keep up the good work.

I confess I was a little apprehensive before I started 3 weeks ago, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself for ages, so a HUGE thank you.

Best thing I’ve done for myself for ages

I would like to say thank you to yourself and Shannon, for the warm up, encouragement and being there on race day. It was so nice to see fellow participants reach their PB’S too.  The 11 weeks has been fantastic for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying running and setting myself goals.

It is a well deserved award because you work so tirelessly to achieve your goals and always help us in absolutely everything that we ask of you, we couldn’t ask for a better coach to lead us. You’re the best!

You’re the best!

Thanks for all your support on Sunday and the whole running program. Glad I went with the 10km for my first event and really happy with my official time of 47:35 despite a few setbacks along the way in my training regime – I think it says a lot about your program… I can’t remember when I felt this fit and I owe a lot of that to HBF. You run a fantastic business and it is wonderful to be a small part of it.

I have never done something in my life that I feel so passionate about and am noticing results and am absolutely loving it. Think I am becoming a boot camp junkie!

I forgot to tell our trainer this morning that since Boot Camp I am able to touch my toes for the first time EVER – Wow…..thanks guys!

I’m loving running way more than I ever expected to, and am really looking forward to completing an event. Thanks for running such an open and welcoming program where even complete novices feel part of the team! I think you’ve earned a long-term convert to the running cause.

Thank you (and your excellent team) so much for helping me become fit for the first time in my life… and totally change my attitude towards exercise. I feel confident to try out all sorts of new activities that once I would never have considered doing – such as fun runs and lap swimming!

Healthy Balance Fitness is a fun and motivating way to get fit. The trainers and other team members are great and despite working hard during a session we always finish smiling!  

We always finish smiling

When I started boot camp I couldn’t run the 2 blocks to the tram without hyperventilating, and now I’ve competed in two 10k races and on a recent road trip I got up early every morning to jog along the beach. It really has been a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Thanks again for another fantastic running group course.  A couple of years ago I would never have dreamed that running would be a highlight of my week.

Running is the highlight of my week

Thanks for a great program. I cannot believe that I was able to complete 25 minutes of straight jogging on Saturday evening!  Never thought it was something I could do!  It wasn’t easy at all…but I did it!!

On Sunday I completed the 4km run leg of the AustralianSuper corporate triathlon, my goal for starting the running training.  I definitely would not have been able to complete a 4km run, and in only 28:02, without Jill and Brenda’s excellent coaching and persistence with me.  THANK YOU!

I had never thought I could do it. Hence I ‘could’ not. With your program I decided (dared) to believe I could – and I did!! Thanks again – you have made a real difference.

I love the (online running) program.  I think the notes that come with the program are well written, informative and helpful.

My good decision to get some help turned out to be a great decision. The HBF online running program helped me reach my half marathon goal. What’s more I did it in just 12 weeks, prevented any injuries from occurring, overcame previous running difficulties, and re-discovered my love of running along the way. I recently did another 21 km run and have very excitedly signed up for a half marathon fun run event in October and I can’t wait for it.

Reached my half marathon goal with the online program

Whenever you join a new fitness group/activity, you’re so anxious that you’ll be terrible and embarrassingly uncoordinated and/or unfit and it’s quite a daunting experience normally. But I think whats so special about Healthy Balance Fitness is that you have a real philosophy of building on people’s strengths rather than focussing on deficits, and encourage us to just go at our own pace and celebrate our own milestones rather than worry about being slowest/weakest in the class… I think what makes you guys so amazing and unique to other groups out there.

What makes you guys amazing and unique

Now my body and mind actually WANT to do exercise even though I don’t “have to” anymore! When I make time for my gym session or run I’m looking forward to it now. The challenge also helped me just knock out the drinking when it wasn’t necessary. I feel really great after that 6 weeks, my mind and body are stronger and healthier! Thanks so much!

Great challenge!!!  All such great things to aim for and to remind ourselves of all the things that impact on health. Thanks so much! Love your health philosophies!

It’s been great. It got me back exercising, made me cut down on the vino, and made me think about how I can start cutting back on the hours at work (just gotta have the courage to do it now).

It’s been a great motivating challenge. Don’t mind if I do stick around (in the Facebook group after the 6 week challenge).

It just felt great to be part of something to do with exercise again after so long being unable to. Thanks so much for the support Jodie and everyone.

Jodie’s passion for the industry is exemplary. She understands the importance of continuous learning and actively initiates industry workshops or skills training for staff to attend.  For example, her networking skills with associated businesses has allowed us to spend time with physios discussing injury awareness.  She has established an ongoing library of class plans and training literature for all trainers to share, allowing us to improve upon our own knowledge and technical expertise.  It’s been an honour and absolute pleasure working for Healthy Balance Fitness.

Michelle Cermak Testimonial

HBF is an absolutely brilliant place to work.  The team of trainers are fantastic, the clients are awesome and Jodie is a wonderful leader of the team.  The best thing about working for HBF is I have the freedom to design and run my own sessions.  Jodie encourages us to have input into new programs, ideas, and class locations.  It is a real collective effort.  I love it.

Shannon Stone Testimonial

I love HBF and I’m proud to say I work for them especially after winning an award five years running!! You get so much friendly support and encouragement from everyone in the team.

All our clients are amazing.  Great personalities who want to work hard and listen to each cue you give them, they always make it fun to go to work!

Brenda Lagan Testimonial

ABB Australia has been associated with Healthy Balance Fitness since 2004 on a weekly basis.  We cannot speak highly enough of the staff who conduct these classes and the professionalism, care, variety and enthusiasm with which the class is conducted.

The initial assessment was very thorough and staff really felt that their individual needs were being considered…the workshop was very informative and great for all levels with good variety (strength and stretching)….staff were thrilled that their headaches were gone immediately!

Congratulations Healthy Balance Fitness.  Your enthusiasm, professionalism, commitment and smile will be its benchmark.  I will be happy to personally recommend you to any individual or company who wishes to use your services.

In the past I have managed teams of over 200 direct employees and 800 subcontracted employees. I know the effort it takes to recruit, develop and maintain a strong team that share like values and passion: you do this so well…So many times in the fitness industry I have had trainers that are either more interested in their own sport/training or are in the departure lounge waiting for the next job – all your trainers genuinely love what they do as a career and are professionals.

There are many benefits of such a program for both the employees and indeed the employer…we have a number of regular participants who would not miss the class for anything including a number who have not participated in such classes before…I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Healthy Balance Fitness, as would any class participants at ABB Australia.

Fitness training in the office has been a great way to wind down from a busy day and share quality time and a laugh with work mates…we are all feeling the benefits…it’s been a great incentive within the office and is regarded as a perk of the job.

I just have to tell you that I absolutely love your emails every Sunday!  They are so full of goodness and knowledge and you can tell that you really put a lot of effort and time into them. I really enjoy them.

Top work on your newsletter and posts this month!  Best fitness advice I read.

I love seeing other fitness businesses doing things fabulously, safely and with integrity…  Healthy Balance Fitness does just this.  I love their newsletter… something for everyone and this week’s one has great stuff in it!

I wanted to pass on my comments regarding your trainers.  Jill continues to be extremely innovative with her program and is an enthusiastic, supportive trainer. Equally, Brodie offers a fabulous program with supportive enthusiasm.

Both trainers put an enormous amount of thought into their varied routines and always offer great advice and expertise. Thank you for making a difference to my physical and mental health.

Congratulations on a great club!

I really enjoy the physical and mental challenge this boot camp provides.   The trainers are great and after the session I really feel like I achieved something.  I have also changed my eating and together with my new job I’m feeling so much happier in general.

I really like the trainers care about us not getting injured and always have an option so they ensure we still partake in the activity and work the same area.

All in all really impressed,  thank you.


Kylie A.

I have learned so many new things and can feel my body getting stronger!

The trainers are really great too!
Tessa Graham