Healthy Balance Fitness

Healthy Balance Fitness Sustainability Strategy

What is HBF’s sustainability vision?

To create a vibrant, profitable and highly regarded business where all clients and staff are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential, while valuing and protecting the environment we work within.


What is sustainability?

Sustainability is about looking after people, the environment and our economy so that everyone can experience well-being and reach our potential, now and into the future.


How does this relate to Healthy Balance Fitness?

HBF works with people everyday – our staff, clients, aligned businesses, the public and council members. Our business exists to support people to live a healthier, happier life.

We train outdoors and in the built environment such as schools, indoor basketball courts and halls. Also, everything we do has an environmental impact and there are many ways that we can all improve our environmental performance.

Finally, Healthy Balance Fitness is committed to its financial sustainability to ensure that we can continue to provide our competitively priced, regular and accessible program for our clients.


What steps did HBF take to implement sustainability in the business?

We implemented a sustainability strategy by:

Step 1: Measuring our current activities so we knew exactly where we stood

Step 2: Determining our values and where we would like to be in the future

Step 3: Creating our vision, objectives and targets

Step 4: Creating strategies to achieve the objectives and targets

Step 5: Developing and implementing an action plan

Step 6: Monitoring and reviewing our performance so that we continually improve

We commissioned an environmental consultant to assist us with our strategy, but you can follow the same steps to implement a strategy in your workplace.


What are our strategies?

We established five strategies to help us reach our vision.

  1. Demonstrate commitment to sustainability
  2. Integrate economic, social and environmental objectives into decision making
  3. Reduce environmental impacts and provide environmental benefits
  4. Engage employees and clients
  5. Collaborate with suppliers, contractors and industry


Isn’t sustainability expensive and difficult?

Our sustainability strategy is designed to support our business and help us express our social and environmental values and reach our goals. It is not designed to be an arduous or costly process. If our business isn’t economically sustainable; it won’t have the ability to continue supporting people and the environment!


How can I be more sustainable?

Sustainability is easy.
Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need this product or service (refuse)?
  • Can I reduce the resources involved in this activity (reduce)?
  • Can I replace this product with a more sustainable option (replace)?
  • Can I reuse these products (reuse)?
  • How do I dispose of waste appropriately (recycle)?


There are always really simple things that we can all do now, like turning off lights, buying products with less packaging and walking instead of driving.  Some things, you may plan to do in the future, such as replacing appliances with energy efficient versions. You don’t have to do everything straight away.

Our sustainability strategy was designed and implemented by Open Space Consulting