Jodie Arnot speaks with Real Health Radio

Jodie Arnot, director of Healthy Balance Fitness, and co-founder of The Moderation Movement talks with Chris Sandel from 7Health for the Real Health Radio podcast


Listen here: 

Jodie Arnot talks with Chris Sandel on Real Health Radio


Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode:

2:50 How I started as a personal trainer
4:35 How my relationship with exercise changed through my life
7:50 The body image pressures young people experience
9:10 The work I do with The Butterfly Foundation
10:35 What is The Moderation Movement?  What we stand for
13:15 Why The Moderation Movement has been so successful
15:00 Weight stigma
17:20 Why body respect can be a better goal than body love
29:40 Negative body image isn’t about size | Thin privilege
33:45 How social media has changed the idea of fitness
36:40 Helpful things to think about when you see pictures on social media
42:35 Over-exercise and disordered eating
44:05 How to get started with exercise
49:05 How Healthy Balance Fitness caters for all levels in group classes
52:00 What types of exercise we teach
54:20 The exercise that I most love – you might be surprised!
56:30 How I’ve let go of trying to live up to being a “fitness trainer”


Listening to ourselves on recording is always a bit surreal isn’t it? That’s where self-compassion really helps!


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