Our health is not our weight, our diet, or our exercise program

Our health is so much more than the food we choose to eat and the exercise we do (or don’t) do


Guest post written by the brilliant Kerry Beake, Nutritionist, Speaker & Coach at HAES Health


So many opinions floating around about weight and health. Here’s the thing:

1. Weight is not a euphemism for health.
2. Weight loss is not a euphemism for getting healthier.
3. Weight loss is neither the goal of health or the pathway to health. Although improving health may result in weight loss.
4. Health is not a single static point that we are all meant to reach and are able to stay on.


Health is rather a direction…

and health is what exists between birth and death. Some have more and others less but we are all actually healthy if we are alive and breathing, true story! Health is fluid and changeable throughout our life. Sometimes we have more and sometimes less health.


What influences our degree of health is based on:

our choices
genetics (no control over this)
ageing (no control about this we get old and we will die. So there ain’t no green smoothie or pill that will prevent dying or guarantee eternal life)
environment (both natural and includes weather and natural disasters and man-made like climate change, chemicals etc)
circumstances (education, poverty, affluence, race etc)
other people’s choices (e.g. the d*ck who runs a red light causing a car accident that leaves someone injured).

So there is far less in our control when we break it down that decides health.

We do far better by finding those behaviours that will help us both feel healthier and are enjoyable and sustainable.


Please check out Kerry’s work and community on the HAES Health page.


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