Busy is not a badge of honour

Busy is not a badge of honour

Every week I see the following quote on Pinterest “Be more. Do more”.

Although it might seem inspiring at first glance, but I think it’s a recipe for disaster.

Sure it’s inspiring to think of leading a big, juicy, passionate life filled with purpose, love and happiness. I argue that ‘being more’ and ‘doing more’ is not the way to find it.

When someone asks how you are, is your automatic answer “Busy.”?

I know mine has been.

What if instead of wearing ‘busy’ as a badge of honour we strive for and commend a mindful life? Quality of experiences over quantity? Actually doing LESS but with more focus?

  • We’d feel less pressure to keep up with how much everyone else is doing.
  • We’d find more time for our true priorities.
  • We’d have more opportunity to really enjoy each moment.
  • We’d have more mental and emotional space to be connected to what we really need and want.
  • We’d have more room in our lives to prioritise health?—?cooking nutritious food, eating slowly and mindfully, exercising and getting enough sleep.
  • And we’d realise that we were always enough, as we are. No need to “Be more”.

It’s not easy.

Especially if your default mode has been to say yes to every opportunity, multi task, carry around a million To Do lists and get involved as much as possible. I love the quote “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything.”

Now if you have young children, you’re taking busy to a whole new level! You may not be able to find space for yourself just yet, or do less at this point in time. And that’s ok! But for anyone who can let go of some ‘busy’ (like me!) it could be just what you need to boost your happiness and wellness.

This is how I’m going to work on giving up busy as a default mode and doing less with more focus:

– Less multi tasking
– More time unplugged from my phone and social media (I find this very tough!)
– Regular meditation
– Prioritising commitments, not saying Yes to everything (I’ve gotten better and better at this)
– Time just pottering and pondering, not doing anything ‘productive’

I’m going to catch myself and not answer “Busy” when someone asks how I am.  Now I know busy is not a badge of honour.

How are you? Let me know how you’re feeling today without the need to mention busy…

These thoughts were inspired by The Cult of Busy by Dina Kaplan. It’s an important read that may just have you shifting uncomfortably in your seat as the revelations wash over you.

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