Comparing ourselves to others’ highlight reel

Is it time to let go of comparing your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel?

Have you ever flicked through your Instagram or Facebook feed and felt like everyone is kicking more goals, enjoying more success, having more fun, doing more things, feeling so much fitter, eating so much healthier and looking so much better than you are?

Comparing ourselves to others can breed doubt, self-criticism, anxiety, body image issues and feelings of inadequacy.

It’s so important to keep in mind that what we see of other’s lives on social media is only a small portion of their whole lives, and usually the most exciting, fun and positive part!

Don’t believe the ‘overnight success’ hype

Recently at a wellness networking function I spoke with a vibrant and caring woman who runs her own yoga and naturopathy business. She bravely revealed her self-doubts about the success of her new business and how everyone else seems to be achieving great things and so easily. I assured her that even after operating my business for 17 years, there’s huge challenges, some set backs, ideas that don’t work out and some slow going. I believe there’s very few ‘overnight successes’ and that most great achievements come from committing to a goal and having the patience to do the work. And that’s not just in the realm of business!

What we’re not privy to

I explained that we don’t really hear about the tough times, the doubt, the everyday tasks and the trial and error. We see the podium speeches, the celebratory photos, the picture perfect smiles. Rather than seeing the saggy track pants, bad hair days, and lacklustre grumpy moments we see the best party outfits, flattering poses and fun events perfected with an Instagram filter.

It’s important to remember the behind-the-scenes in everyone’s life.

Everyone has their tough times. If you remember this it’s then easier to be truly happy for other’s successes and happiest moments without the self-judgement.


Let’s put our energy into following our own passions, feeling awesome and creating a life we love – rather than spending all our energy judging ourselves for how we compare to others.


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