Imagine a world where appearance is the least important thing about us

Unfortunately our culture rewards and encourages a focus on appearance over substance.

Celebrities are famous and admired simply for how they look, fashion magazines criticise people for the dimples on their thighs rather than how they treat others, reality shows celebrate physical transformations whilst shaming, belittling and disrespecting the people involved… Even our women political leaders are judged on their wardrobe and haircuts before they are judged on their policies!


What would life look like if we placed more value on character than appearance?

  • We’d make more effort to really get to know people, not judging at face value
  • Role models would be admired for their skills, talents, achievements, behaviour or treatment of others, not because they look ‘hot’ in clothes
  • We’d probably find more time and energy for pursuits that further our personal growth and enhance our relationships and lives, rather than trying to ‘perfect’ our look
  • There would be less pressure to fight the natural process of ageing, ‘get our bodies back’ after giving birth, and less fear of our bodies changing. We would be revered for the personal skills we develop as we age, rather than judged for our bodies showing the natural signs of time
  • There would be less distraction from the real issues – how often is your anxiety about your weight or appearance really about anxiety about something else in your life? Or do you strictly control the food you eat because you’re really feeling like you lack control in your life as a whole? We’d be less likely to project our worries onto our bodies
  • It would be so much easier for us all to realise our value has nothing to do with how we look. We would not berate ourselves for the size of our jeans, and equally we would not want a medal if we do happen to have ‘six pack’ abdominals. We’d know that our bodies do not make us who we are
  • I’d guess that the weight loss industry would go out of business


I love to imagine a world where we finally realise that our appearance is the least important thing.  What do you think life would look like if our culture finally realised that our appearance is the least interesting thing about us?


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