Key to happiness and health is not in extreme ‘solutions’

What extremes could you let go of to feel happier, healthier and more calm?

Our culture’s approach to life swings between vast extremes.  Instagram is a perfect example of such extremes.  There’s photos of coveted milkshakes piled high with pastries skewered on the straw, then pictures tagged #iquitsugar, or programs recommending nothing but vegetable juice for days.  Whether it’s with our eating, exercising or approach to our own bodies, there just doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.

We cannot achieve our best health and happiness long term by clutching at extreme ‘solutions’.


How would your life look if you embraced a little more moderation? What areas of your life are in desperate need of some moderation?  The key to happiness and health is not in the extremes.


Let us know if any of the following examples look familiar to you:

– You work long hours and feel like you have no energy or time left for the people you love and interests you’re passionate about

– You feel anxious if plans change at the last minute and you can’t follow your eating or exercise plan to the letter

– You are desperately tired but still fill your schedule and To Do list with more and more

– You have a long list of foods you refuse to eat (even though you love the taste of them and aren’t allergic/intolerant to them)

– You can’t remember the last time you enjoyed some time downtime

– You spend all weekend eating when you’re not hungry, then punish yourself Monday with a diet

– You feel terribly guilty if you don’t exercise every day

When you look at a menu you assess it for calories, carbs, fats rather than what you feel like or will enjoy

You avoid social events that involve food

– Your mood and self-worth is dependent on the number on the bathroom scale

You take on ‘detoxes’ to do penance for excesses, then return to old habits

– You’ve forgotten what hungry feels like

– Or you enjoy regularly ignoring your hunger signals

– You feel like you can’t take time off work even when you’re very ill

– You hit the gym hard every day for two weeks and then don’t exercise at all for months

You look for the latest eating plan, diet, or exercise as a ‘solution’, and take on a new one regularly

You think about food, exercise and your body pretty much all the time

You ignore injuries and exercise in pain, disregarding or avoiding professional help

You believe that relentless high stress is just normal life for you, and normal for a ‘successful life’


What examples could you share? Which of the above ring true for you? You can seek professional help to embrace moderation and enjoy the freedom that it brings.

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