Why you should stop weighing yourself and how

The two steps you need to take to be free of the pressure to weigh a certain number

Many people have an ideal weight that they strive towards. It’s so common to have a magic number in your head that symbolises the point where you’ll achieve health, confidence, happiness, validation, attractiveness, success, control of life or something else you feel like you’re missing in your current body.


We long for that idealised ‘future body’ or ‘past body’ and until that magic number is reached we are unfulfilled.


The bathroom scales then hold so much power. They assess whether it’s a ‘good day’ and we’re a ‘good person’ because the number is getting closer, or a ‘bad day’ and we’re a ‘bad person’ because the number is getting further away from that magic weight in our head.


What is a number on the bathroom scales really assessing?

Can it express the resilience you show in the face of life’s challenges? Your empathy, passion, curiosity and loyalty? Does this number reflect all those everyday acts of kindness for which you never expect accolade? That you’ve listened supportively to friends in need, and high-fived other’s successes? Does it sum up all the things that inspire you or make you belly laugh? Can it shed light on your competence, skills, intelligence and quirks that make your friends smile?

Can those numbers on the scale even begin to describe the awesome human being you are?

What if instead of spending time and emotional energy on trying to change these numbers on the scale, we instead poured that time and energy into creating the kind of life that makes us happy?


There’s two important steps you’ll need to take:


#1 Let go of that ‘magic number’

Your body is not meant to stay the same throughout your life. It is perfectly normal for a healthy, fit body to change in size, shape and weight over your life. There is no ‘normal’ weight or ‘ideal’ weight for you – IT JUST DOESN’T EXIST. That magic number was just made up by you and it’s time for you to let it go.

You’ll know when you’re fit and healthy by how you feel and how well you function. That’s something you can trust!


#2 Get rid of your scales

Stop weighing yourself.  There is no benefit. You do not need to know that number. Do you regularly measure the girth of your fingers? Do you weigh your hair? Do you check your height over the course of the day? No, and it seems a little ridiculous doesn’t it? Those numbers do change regularly but you place no importance on them. Unfortunately our culture has placed great importance on weight and we need to unlearn that. Throw away your bathroom scales.


Those numbers on the scale won’t make you happy – no matter what they are.

I’ve seen so many people get to that ‘magic number’ only to start focusing on something else they hate – the shape of their butt, the length of their nose, their amount of muscle tone.  If your sense of worth is tied up in how your body looks, then changing your weight is not going to solve anything.  There will always be something about your appearance you can tinker with, and the body changes that ageing naturally brings will be incredibly problematic for you.


You need to know you’re valuable and loveable no matter what the outside of you looks like.  A life filled with love, purpose, passion and laughter seems like a much better recipe for happiness than a number on the scales.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is not to quit sugar, dairy, grains or any other type of food. Quit standing on the scales. Throw them away and congratulate yourself on an amazing new life.


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