Stop seeing exercise as a tool for weight loss

Recently I have seen numerous articles declaring that “Exercise is not important for weight loss” or “Weight management is about eating less not exercising more” and many other attention grabbing titles.


Regardless of what research studies have found, the articles and the way the research is communicated, is missing these most important points…

* You do not need to lose weight (or be lean) to be healthy

* Eating less is not the ‘simple solution’ to controlling your weight or body shape

* Diets (calorie restriction of any kind) do not work long term, and can lead to weight gain

* Health is not the result of achieving the perfect balance of eating and exercise. All our behaviours over time have an impact on our mental and physical health.

* Exercise/movement has a very long list of physical and mental health benefits that are much more important than weight loss or weight control

* Your activity levels have a greater impact on your health than your weight does

* Weight loss is not the holy grail of health, success, happiness and being a good human being


We need to stop seeing exercise as a tool for weight loss, appearance control, and penance for eating.

It’s time to see physical activity for the magnificent medicine that it is.


Maybe then we’d be free to find movement we enjoy and stop forcing ourselves to do exercise we hate.

Maybe then we’d confidently trust our bodies to tell us when we feel like doing something intensive and when we actually need to rest and recover.

Maybe then moving our bodies would be a joy to feel grateful for, rather than drudgery to feel guilty about.


May you enjoy some movement this week, not for how many calories it burns, but for how awesome it makes you feel.


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