Learn how to accept your body exactly as it is now

Some tips for accepting your body exactly as it is now:

Stop mentally or verbally referring to your ‘future body’ or your ‘past body’

Stop inspecting and evaluating your body in the mirror

Stop pointing out your perceived ‘flaws’ (to yourself or others)

Stop waiting to buy clothes that fit you

Stop pouring over old photos of yourself when your body looked different to now

Stop apologising for your body

Stop comparing your body to everyone else’s

Stop using scales (or any other number to determine your worth)



Start prioritising self-care

Start celebrating your body for what it can do

Start doing exercise for enjoyment and to feel good, not for calorie burning or penance

Start buying clothes you love, feel good in, and fit you NOW

Start reminding yourself that your body is a complete original and it’s YOURS

Start challenging the body shamers, food police and other nasty judgers – It’s their problem not yours

Start participating in activities you find fun, rather than opting out to hide your body

Start seeing health as how you feel and function, not a body size or weight

Know that you are not your body


There will be hundreds more! What actions help you to accept your body as it is? Share your tips in the comments here to help others.


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