Is your inner voice sabotaging your workouts?

Battling your inner negative voice for better fitness results

When it comes to fitness achievements our minds can be our greatest tool or our worst enemy. 

When you’re struggling to achieve that last kilometre, last few reps, or to make it up that hill, take notice of what your mind does. How does your inner voice sound? 


Does your inner voice tell you: 

“That’s enough for today, you’ve worked plenty hard”? or
“You’re terrible at running, you’ll never be good at this”? or
“This feels terrible, I hate this, I want to quit”?


Could you replace it with a kinder, more positive voice? The kind of voice you’d use to encourage a friend? Could you try:

“Let’s finish this strong and you’ll be so proud”? or
“You’ve come so far with running, keep it up and you’ll achieve even more”? or
“I’m going to feel so amazing when I’m finished this”?


Every time that negative voice pops up:

  1. Notice it
  2. Acknowledge that although you think it often, it’s not a fact
  3. Let it go
  4. Replace it with an encouraging, positive thought that is true


It might sound simple or a bit silly, however I’ve used this in my own running events and I’ve achieved personal bests when I manage the positive thoughts!

Try this out in your next workout and let us know how you go.  Share this with someone who might need to hear it.