13 Reasons Why Joining a Running Class Will Transform Your Body, Mind & Life

If I paid any attention to the cynics, I may not have lasted as a running coach.  Numerous people have said “You teach people to RUN??!  Isn’t it merely one foot in front of the other?  Don’t you just have to put on your sneakers and get out there?  What on earth could you teach?  Aren’t people either born runners or not?”  We have hundreds of clients who tell another story.  They’ve learned to run their first 5K, achieved personal bests, discovered pain-free running and some have even crossed a marathon finish line.  Numerous self-confessed ‘non-runners’ have been truly bitten by the running bug.


So why on earth would anyone pay to run?  What could a running class do for me?


You’ll feel more motivated than ever

How many times over the past 10 weeks have you taken yourself out for a run?  If you answered 30, then high fives for being so self-motivated!  Our running clients have ticked off 30 runs over 10 weeks and are reaping the awesome benefits.  Having scheduled appointments each week and a program to follow outside of class makes a big difference to your commitment as you can no longer tell yourself “I’ll go tomorrow”.  It’s harder to cop out when your mates are expecting you at the session, and your coach asks where you were!


You’ll feel the true meaning of Personal Best

One of our superstar trainers, Jill, is an incredibly self-motivated Ironwoman and runner, however she chooses to attend our Wednesday night run classes on her one night off!  She says, “Even though I know how to plan my own Fartlek, interval or hill session, I get much better results (both in terms of time, speed and distance) in a group setting. The words of encouragement from the team helps you to push yourself that little bit harder compared to how you might if you were on your own.  And that’s what running is all about. Finding your limits and then exceeding them, little by little.”

And you don’t have to be an Ironwoman to love this benefit!  Even in a non-competitive group like ours you’ll find yourself wanting to give 100%.  No matter whether you’re a complete beginner or a long term runner, it’s a simple fact that you’ll try harder, and be inspired by others’ efforts, when you workout with company.  There will be no “Oh that’s enough for today, I think I’ll stop”, you’ll finish a quality hour of training every time.


You’ll know what you’re doing and avoid injury

Do you know how many strides per minute is ideal?  Do you know why it matters which part of your foot strikes the ground first?  Do you know how to lean forward from the ankle rather than the hips?  Do you know where your hands should swing?  You’ll learn this and understand why it’s so darn important.


You’ll look sharp and keep refining and improving your style

Unless you’ve seen video or photos of yourself in action, you’ll be unaware of how many bad habits you’ve adopted.  You might hunch your back, scrunch up your shoulders, knock your knees together, land hard on your heels, wave your arms around, bounce up and down like a pogo stick… most people have no idea that they’ve developed poor technique.  A good running coach will explain and demonstrate ideal technique and assist you to gradually improve yours over the weeks or months.  And If you’re brand new to running you’ll be able to build correct technique right from the start!


You’ll give your body the best chance of coping with training

A warm up is an incredibly important part of a running workout as it assists in preventing injuries and preparing your body for the training about to happen.  However most people skip a warm up.  A great coach will make the warm up drills and the post-workout stretches applicable to the training session, and you’ll then know what to do when you run on your own.


You’ll peak for your event, without overtraining or being depleted on race day

Do you know how to safely plan your training towards an event so you peak on the day, without risk of overtraining or turning up depleted on your big day?  We do.  You’ll get a homework training program so you know exactly what to do outside your classes.  We’ve proven the programs and refined them over 16 years.  Your coach will also be able to adjust your training program in response to any illnesses, injury, and other breaks in training – which is a benefit that a standard online training plan can’t provide.  (Our online running program has an interactive way of addressing this issue!)


You’ll perform better while expending less effort

Can you imagine running faster and more easily after just a couple of sessions?  It’s possible! No, you don’t change your fitness in two sessions, but if you can significantly tidy up your technique, you’ll conserve a whole lot of energy you were previously wasting.  It’s an amazing feeling.


You’ll become a speed demon

If you turn up to class and do the homework program, you’ll get faster.  You may not even notice, but your times will.  Interval training is the best way to improve your running pace, and your running course will incorporate a lot of evidence based interval training that will get you feeling fitter and faster.  All our clients that complete the classes and homework get significantly faster.


You’ll know what you’re doing at your fun run

Your running coach will impart insights about tapering, apps to measure your distance, fun run etiquette, fuelling for training and events, running gear, shoes, how to drink water on the run, what causes an abdominal ‘stitch’ etc.  Sure you could scour online for all this, but you’d need to check that they were reliable sources and it would take a lot of time.  The immediacy of asking a coach all your burning questions is incredibly handy.  Your team mates will also have great tips according to their experience too.


 You’ll have someone to help you at your fun run

Having someone warm you up, give you a pep talk, hold your bags (so you don’t have to fight the queues), give you a reminder about what to bring, meet you at the finish line and give you a huge high five is incredibly valuable.  Turning up to a fun run event by yourself can be daunting and confusing.


You’ll meet new friends with the same goals

Your chances of achieving your fitness goals in life are greatly boosted if you hang around people with healthy habits.  You’re more likely to make healthy choices about exercise and food if other people in your life are doing the same.  Unfortunately for some people, all their family and friends think their fitness goals are a little crazy.  Joining a running group means that you’ll meet new people with similar awesome goals.  They’ll encourage you, run with you, understand you, and you might even find yourself catching up with them outside of classes!


You’ll develop a tougher mind

When you go running a little voice will chatter away in your head.  Newer runners tend to have a pessimistic, complaining voice that grumbles and doubts the entire way.  As you develop your running fitness and experience, you’ll find this voice becomes more optimistic and confident.  One of our running team members, Claire, said “Having experts helping me going higher and stronger every week is priceless! You have given me a ‘can do’ attitude, that I surely did not have few months ago.”

You’ll get comfortable with being uncomfortable and you won’t fear being pushed or pushing yourself.  This kind of mental toughness will serve you well in all life’s challenges – not just running.  You’ll know you can roll with life’s punches because you now face mental challenges weekly.


You’ll transform the way you feel about yourself

Maybe you’ve forgotten what you’re truly capable of.  It’s easy to stumble through our routine of work, social and family commitments, bogged down in the detail of it all, forgetting about ourselves.  Taking time out to set goals, challenge yourself and achieve those goals is incredibly empowering.  Being able to say “Wow.  I just ran 10km and I never even imagined I’d manage 5Km” will give you the kind of confidence that enables you to truly believe you can tackle anything.  That self-belief spills into all areas of your life.  It transforms you.   How you see yourself is probably the most powerful change a running course can provide.




Everyone has access to running – we can just open the door and go – however in reality most people don’t stick with it long enough to achieve the awesome benefits.  Running is hard.  It can be uncomfortable, painful, boring, frustrating, embarrassing, and sometimes it can just feel impossible.  However with the right guidance, encouragement and information you can avoid the common mistakes that cause running to feel like that.  You can actually fall in love with running and never look at yourself the same way again.


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