What happens in an in-store sports bra assessment?

Sports Bra Fitting and Analysis – The smartest way to get the right gear

You are probably already know that the best way to find the correct running shoes for your individual needs is to visit a specialty store that offers treadmill analysis.  This way the staff can see the shoes in action while you jog or walk and check to see if they support and guide you into optimal form.  A shoe that works well with one person’s biomechanics may be an injury waiting to happen for another person.  The expert fitting service takes the guess work out of choosing and ensures you’ll experience comfort, safety and improved performance.


Did you know that an expert sports bra assessment and fitting is just as important?  

Wearing the wrong bra for you can cause not only discomfort and embarrassment, but risks unrepairable damage to fragile ligaments.


So what on earth is involved in a sports bra fitting?  We asked the founder of She Science, Tish Monahan to talk us through it…

What to expect in a sports bra fitting and analysis

At She Science we know women. We know that all women have different preferences when shopping, will have varied time constraints and may have different sensitivities during a bra fitting. So that we can ensure all women have a positive shopping experience at She Science we offer a few different ways to shop with us.


The ‘fit’ experience.

We’ll chat about your support requirements – what type of exercise, sport or activities you do –  and your personal style preferences, along with a measure and a comprehensive fitting. We’ll help you narrow down the Sports Bra options that will work best for your size, shape and personal preferences.

The ‘form’ experience.

We give you the opportunity to wear test product on the private treadmill located in each fitting room. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes for this experience.


The ‘function’ experience.

You have the option of dynamic motion analysis if you choose. Video footage is taken and a comparative analysis between different Sports Bra options is done using motion analysis software. Comfortable clothes are recommended for this experience. This can take between 20 – 30 minutes from start to finish. All video footage is deleted at the end of the process, and our staff are experienced in making you feel comfortable.


The ‘fashion’ experience.

Of course the treadmill analysis is completely optional.  For women who are more about fashion then function, you’re very welcome to select your own preferred bra with little or no assistance from our staff. Of course, our team are always happy to be on hand for extra advice and fitting tips.


The ‘online’ experience.

For the already well informed, time poor woman, our online store showcases our entire range and includes fitting tips tailored to each item, as well as general stock information. For women who already know what size and style works best for them our online experience is a time efficient way to shop. For those who need personalised advice, or have recently had a dramatic change in weight an in store fitting is always the best way to go.


Comfort is paramount at She Science. For this reason our staff are trained to offer flexibility based on the varied needs of each customer in store.


Thanks to Tish for sharing.  Please note we did not receive payment or incentive for this article, we’re just excited about the awesome place that is She Science!