5 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

Are you putting up with an unfriendly sports bra?  

I’ve had countless conversations with female clients and friends who recount stories of pain, discomfort and even sores from their exercise bras.  A colleague of mine who is an experienced runner said she had one bra that caused her to have trouble breathing during a long trail run and left her bleeding!  Yikes!

The good news is the solution is simply a matter of being fitted with the right size and style for you and regularly replacing any bras that cause problems.  A bra that was once perfect for you can become your enemy in time due to changes in your body size, or wear and tear on the material.


Tish Monahan, founder of She Science, shares her expert tips on sports bras

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With even a 3kg change in weight your breast size can change so it’s important to be fitted at every bra purchase, or at the very least with any fluctuations in your weight.


5 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

  1. You experience chaffing during your workouts
  2. It gives you visible cleavage
  3. It only felt supportive for the first few weeks of wear
  4. The underwire leaves impression marks on your breast tissue
  5. You can easily stretch your Sports Bra over your head and shoulders without undoing the hook and eye clasps



Is it time you threw out a few bras and stop putting up with bra torture?  


The team at She Science are experts at helping you choose the correct bra style and fit for your body.  All with no fuss and no embarrassment!  She Science offer an optional biomechanical assessment on the treadmill to determine the most functionally appropriate bra for you.