Fun Run Tip – Drinking water while running

Fun Run Tip – Drinking water while on the run

One of the trickier aspects of doing a fun run is learning the art of the hydration stop, and managing to drink while still on the run.  Since Run Melbourne is this Sunday I thought it would be a great time to share my tips.
Follow these pointers and you won’t need to stop running to have a drink…

  • Check out the course map beforehand  – The hydration stations will be marked on the map.  Knowing where they are can help you plan a little better.
  • Keep your eye out during your race – There will be signs along the way alerting you to an upcoming water station.
  • Decide if you need a drink prior to the station – Once you see the sign that there’s an upcoming station, decide if you need a drink.  This will depend on your event and the weather.  If you’re running 5km you may not need a drink at all until you finish.  During a 21km you will definitely need water along the way.
  • Avoid the first table – When you see the water station, run wide and aim for the end tables.  Most people will suddenly stop, causing a pile up or collisions, at the first tables.
  • Even better, aim for a volunteer holding water and avoid the tables all together.  Make eye contact and put your hand out so they know you’re coming.
  • Pincers are best! – rather than squeezing your hand around the cup (and losing most of the contents!), make your fingers and thumb into a pincer and grab the rim of the cup.
  • Transfer to the other hand – transfer the cup from this pincer grip to your other hand
  • Squeeze the rim into a spout – Squeeze one side of the rim so it’s pointed into a V shape.
  • Pour into your mouth – Use the spout you’ve made to pour into your mouth, but go slower than you normally would.  Small sips are best or you’ll probably start coughing or wear the water (Been there, done that!).  You don’t need to drink it all, or all at once.
  • Toss the cup to the side of the path – away from other runner and anywhere where it won’t be tripped over.

Remember it’s perfectly fine to pause at hydration stops and cease running while you have a drink.  Many people prefer this.  I really dislike interupting my rhythm and starting back up again so I prefer to keep jogging while drinking.  You’ll find what suits you best.
Do you have any hot tips for fun runs?  Share them below…

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  1. julie

    To avoid having to stop and get water you could use hands-free swiggies wrist water bottles. You can also freeze them so they lower your body temperature while in the heat.

    1. healthy

      Thanks for your comment, Julie. We recommend carrying hydration bottles around the hips rather than the hands/wrists. Carrying anything in our arms during a long run can affect technique, and cause neck and shoulder stiffness.

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