9 Articles to Improve your Running

Are you striving to improve your running?

Here’s a list of our most popular articles to improve your running.  They’ll arm you with the information and inspiration you’ll need on your journey.


#1  Glute strengthening exercises for running

You’ve heard you need to have strong, functional glutes for running?  It’s not about squatting!  Here’s the best exercises you can do to improve your running


#2  Solutions for the mental battle of running

Running can be just as much a psychological challenge as it is a physical one.  Here are some tips to help you make running easier mentally.


#3  How do I find the perfect stride length and rate?

There’s two reasons why your stride length matters.  Here we explain why and how you can do a simple test to determine the best stride for you.


#4  8 Technique tips to get you running like a champion

Small tweaks to your technique can make big improvements to your endurance, speed and comfort.  Here’s how.


#5  A solution for comfortably running with your phone

I love to run with my phone so I can listen to podcasts or music, and measure my distance and speed too.  Here’s how I comfortably carry it.


#6  The 11 most common running mistakes

How many of these are you making?


#7  Preparing for a fun run – a checklist for the final two weeks

If you follow these tips, you’ll turn up to the start line feeling confident and ready.


#8  How to avoid running injuries

I’ve seen so many people cause themselves running injuries that could have been avoided.  You need to read this.


#9  A trainer urging you NOT to train for a marathon?

Sometimes my job requires talking people out of a marathon.  Here’s how to know if you’re ready to train for the 42K




Feel fitter than ever and see the results in your finish time

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