Healthy Balance Fitness wins national award

On Friday October 14th, 350 fitness professionals kicked off their sneakers and donned suits and cocktail dresses to attend the 2011 Health & Fitness Industry Awards Gala in Brisbane.

These awards, presented by Fitness Australia, recognise individuals and businesses who have excelled in their contribution to the health and fitness of Australians.

“With almost double the number of nominations as in 2010, these individuals and businesses have competed against nominees throughout Australia who demonstrated superior levels of professionalism.” said Wendy McMillan, marketing manager, Fitness Australia.

Healthy Balance Fitness was fortunate to win not only the Victorian prize but we were ecstatic to receive Australian Personal Training Business of the year!

Thank you to our wonderful team of passionate, professional and hard working staff who have helped to make Healthy Balance Fitness the success it is.

Small business relies on the support, time, efforts and patience of friends and family.  I would like to sincerely thank my partner, my friends and my family for chipping in and for understanding the highs and challenges of being self employed.

Thank you to our wonderful clients for inspiring us every day.

A huge thank you to Fitness Australia for not only this award but for all the help, support, advice and time they give to fitness professionals and fitness businesses, and the incredible work they do towards improving our industry.

As business owners, managers and team leaders we have great power, and I would argue a duty, to improve quality and reputation within the fitness industry by starting with our own teams.  Through monitoring and improving the work/life balance of our staff, creating roles that provide challenge and job satisfaction, and encouraging professional development in-house, we’ll go a long way to decreasing workforce turnover, and increasing quality, standards, professionalism and reputation in the industry as a whole.

Here’s to another successful 12 months!


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  1. John Williams

    I am a little confused. I can’t seem to find anywhere on your site about personal training.

    How can your business possibly win ‘australia’s best personal training business’ if you don’t even offer that service?????

    Very interested in your reply.


    John W.

    1. healthy

      Hi John,

      Thanks for visiting our site and for your interest in our business. Please refer to my response to Mandy. I hope that clears up any confusion.

      Kind regards,


  2. Amanda

    Hi, I see you won the ‘best personal training business in Australia’ and I was interested in coming along to see what it was that got you that title, but after looking thru your website thoroughly I can’t find any mention of personal training.

    Please explain????



    1. healthy

      Hi Mandy, Thanks for visiting our site! I know it might seem a little confusing. Fitness Australia include all personal training businesses and studios, and group fitness businesses in this category. The title is not reflective of what we do, however we were judged against personal training businesses and group fitness businesses throughout Australia. We’re hoping the title next year will reflect both group and personal training.

      It was an honour to win the award when up against such high quality competitors from both group and personal fields.

      Cheers, Jodie

  3. Fitness Australia

    Just to clarify regarding Fitness Australia’s Industry Awards program: it is commonly understood that the fitness industry recognises “personal training” to cover both individual and group personal training (and both indoor and outdoor services) as a standard widely practised today. As such, all registered personal training businesses offering such services were eligible to apply for the award. The criteria was transparent to all nominees when completing the online process as was the external judging panel which was published on the Fitness Australia website.

    Fitness Australia’s Awards program is a mechanism for the industry to judge its peers. It will always have an element of subjectivity as all Awards programs do, however the process of vetting and assessing nominees is thorough. Healthy Balance Fitness was judged to be an outstanding business against all national nominees and we are proud to promote them as the Personal Training Business of the Year for 2011.

    Fitness Australia is happy to address any queries about the national Awards program directly.

    Fitness Australia
    The Health and Fitness Industry Association

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