A solution for exercising with an iPhone

How to carry your phone while running or exercising

Do you listen to your smartphone while doing your workouts?  Find it a bit cumbersome to carry with you?  A running coach shares her solution for exercising with an iPhone.

Please note that I did not receive payment or product for this endorsement and I am not affiliated with SPIbelt in any way.  I’m just a huge fan of the product!


Years ago when I first got an iphone I had to experiment with the most comfortable way to carry it while I exercised. 

I used to be a huge fan of listening to the tiny ipod shuffle, however the iphone apps allow me to map where I’ve run, record my distance, time and pace and look over it later.  This is such a bonus that I persisted with trying to find a non-cumbersome way to carry it.

After a few very unsuccessful attempts at using a sports arm band, I realised I was not going to be able to put up with the tight feeling on my bicep, the slipping down if I released it a little, and the shaking around on my arm.


Then I discovered the SPIbelt. 

Worn around the waist/hips it is a belt with a tiny lycra pocket that will fit your ipod/iphone, cards, money, carbohydrate gels and perhaps a small set of keys.  I was dubious that the band would stay put and not bounce up and down like one of those old ‘bum bags’ from the 1980’s.  It really does stay still!  I manage to forget about it and run unencumbered – especially if I put the headphone cord under my shirt so it’s not flopping around.


The belt is one size fits all adjustable, comes in many colour combinations (including reflective for those of you who run in the dark) and is machine washable which is a huge bonus for us crazy sweaters.


Another bonus is that when running in the rain I put my iphone in a snap lock plastic sandwich bag, put it in the SPIbelt and can run with music even in the pouring rain.  I used to be too worried about a water logged phone to enjoy music on a rainy run.  Apparently SPIbelt offer a water resistant and waterproof version too.


I do find that the SPIbelt starts to bounce too much if I put my set of keys in there.  However my set of keys are quite large.  One or two keys would work perfectly.


I’ve been using the same SPI belt for 7 years and it still looks as good as new.

It’s seen a lot of sweat, a lot of kilometres and a lot of hours and has held up perfectly.


You can find SPIbelts for sale at most of the big Fun Run festivals, Sports Stores, Running Stores or buy online.  Check out their full range of products here.


Please note that I did not receive payment or product for this endorsement and I am not affiliated with SPIbelt in any way.  I’m just a huge fan of the product!


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  1. Troy

    Thanks for the article. I read it last Friday and saw these at a fitness expo on Saturday and got one. Used it a few times and it’s definitely the best solution to using ur iPhone while running. I even fit my keys in it. well recommended.

    1. Healthy Balance Fitness

      Glad you love it, Troy. I use mine 4 – 5 times a week and wouldn’t use anything else now. I must get another one to have a spare in the car. I hate it when I forget mine.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Jane Mills

    Thanks heaps… As they say ‘firstworldproblem’ but I’m so grateful for your research!!

    I am definitely going to buy one of those this weekend.


    1. Healthy Balance Fitness

      Let me know what you think of it, Jane. My guess is you’ll love it! :)

  3. chris

    Quick question, I’ve been running with my nano, and would like to start running with a belt, and the spibelt seems to be the most favored. Is there a hole to stick out the headphones, or do you just open up a bit? Oh and what size did you get? Does it get wet from the sweat, or is the waterproof one the best option?

    Thanks in advance!

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