Injury Info – ITB Friction Syndrome (ITBFS)

What causes one of the most frustrating running injuries?

Written for Healthy Balance Fitness by Adrian Quinn (B.Physio; Member APA), Director of Back in Motion Physiotherapy Camberwell


Are you feeling pain on the outside of your knee?

One of the most common causes of pain on the outside of the knee is ITBFS. Iliotibialband Friction Syndrome is caused by the ITB tissue rubbing on a small piece of bone (the lateral epicondyle of the femur) underneath it as a person moves around.

The ITB tissue normally moves back and forth when we move, however if it becomes excessively tight, rubbing on the underlying bone occurs.


The following factors may lead to excessive ITB tightness:

•A rapid increase in your training (esp. downhill or cambered running)

•Excessive/early pronation of your feet during the gait cycle

•Lower back stiffness often leads to Gluteal muscle tension

•Poor core stability (results in excessive pelvic tilting)


What to do if you suspect you have ITB syndrome

If you are suffering from this condition, the very first thing to do is address the inflammation you already have (regular ice and anti-inflammatory gel works very well). An assessment by your local BIM physiotherapist would then be a smart idea to screen you for the contributing factors mentioned, and help you put some strategies in place to correct them.


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