7 Signs You Need To Slow Down For Better Results

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your health and fitness is to do less not more.

Recently a few people have expressed to me that they feel out of control of the ‘busy’ in their lives. They feel like there is no way of slowing down the intense level of commitments that leave them exhausted, flustered and no longer feeling vibrant and well.

It is so common to feel a lot of pressure from ourselves and others to say ‘Yes’ to everything, to get involved, to set goals and smash them, to exercise hard all week, to organise and cook exquisite meals, to spend quality time with those we love and to work harder and longer hours…

Sound familiar?

Sometimes the best thing we can do for our mental and physical health, our relationships and our sense of passion and joy is to slow down and recover a bit more.

Could we do less with more focus?


“But I’ll lose fitness!” is the common cry I hear.  Rest, recovery and easy days are part of a smart training program.  Did you know that your body needs recovery days in order to get the best fitness results?  There’s no need to feel anxious or guilty about giving your body the downtime it needs.


Here are seven signs you need to slow down, manage stress better and get more rest for better health.


Your fuse is short

If you keep blowing up and having extreme emotional reactions when things don’t go to plan your stress levels need attention.


You’ve stopped enjoying things you normally love

Feeling blah? Nothing exciting or fun right now? It’s a sure sign you’re suffering from overload.


You feel tired most of the time

If you can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel tired it’s time to see your GP for blood tests and a chat about how you can balance your life a little better.


You feel overwhelmed or out of control

Have the feeling it’s all too much?  Resist the temptation to do more, or fit more in.  Rather than make you feel more in control you’ll just get more run down.


You have quite a few niggling injuries, pain or stiffness

If the injury list is piling up, it’s a sign your body needs recovery.  Book yourself in for a physio visit and get all issues addressed.  Schedule a monthly massage.  You need to manage your recovery for improved fitness.


You’re getting sick often

Catching every bug that’s going around?  Been ill a few times this year?  Your immune system is trying to tell you something.


You find it hard to relax

If you find it hard to slow down or “turn off” when you’re not working, it’s often a sign of high stress and anxiety.  Can you just sit quietly with a magazine, book or tv without getting up for numerous tasks, or worrying about other things?  Practice just being in the moment and really recharging when you have the opportunity.



How do I find my own healthy balance?

If you’re feeling happy and well, and your stress levels are low, then you’ve probably found your perfect balance of busy. However, if any of the above points sound familiar, perhaps it’s time for a change? I’d recommend you look for strategies to manage your stress better and incorporate more recovery time. Sometimes doing more and trying harder is counterproductive.

I think it’s important that we ask ourselves what need we’re trying to fulfil by overachieving and overcommitting at the expense of our health and happiness? Are we searching for approval or validation from ourselves or others? So what if we slow down and take more time out? What are we afraid of? What awesome things could we gain by letting go of doing too much?


If a couple of the above points sound familiar to you I’d recommend you look for strategies to manage your stress better, keep an eye on your amount of exercise, and incorporate more recovery time into your fitness program.  Sometimes doing more and trying harder is counterproductive.


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  1. Lisa

    This blog is right on the mark. Another thing that is interesting, is that I’ve heard people talking about this blog however no one has left a comment. Are we reading it, relating to it, and then in denial about making changes so that we can slow down? It seems hard for so many reasons – there’s always pressure at work to work harder; everyone is busy so you feel guilty for taking time out; people Talk about being crazy busy all the time; we constantly feel like we have to achieve more; we’re getting addicted to the craziness and don’t know how to slow down. Thanks for this post – it’s great to spark new thoughts and change behaviour.

    1. Healthy Balance Fitness

      Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think a lot of people prefer to “lurk” when it comes to blogs. We’d love to hear from more of our readers!

      You’re so right about people getting addicted to being busy, then find it hard to slow down. I think many of us get on a roll with being a little manic. It is actually very useful for us to be able to ‘kick into’ high gear and use adrenaline to get things done when needed. The problem is when we can’t flip off that switch after the task/event/period is over. We need to learn to detect when we’re stuck in manic busy-ness, and then have useful ‘tools’ that help get us out of the cycle. Think about things that help you to relax and step off the cycle of doing too much, then when you detect you’re finding it hard to relax implement these strategies.

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