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Melbourne’s most highly awarded fitness classes

healthy balance

Melbourne’s most highly awarded fitness classes

Healthy Balance Fitness group fitness classes

healthy balance

Melbourne’s most highly awarded fitness classes

Group Fitness Classes Melbourne: Running Group, Running Classes, Tan Track

Beginner Level Running Group

Tan Track Melbourne:
Running classes for complete beginners

General Level Running Group

Tan Track Melbourne:
Run classes for all levels

Online Running Programs

5 km, 10 km, 21 km
Train for an event, or for fitness at home online

Corporate Fitness Classes

Around Melbourne:
HIIT Boot Camp, Boxing, Running, Stretch, Core

Multi award winning group fitness training Melbourne:
Train with the best!

Our Awards

We’ve been recognised in the Australian Health & Fitness Industry Awards every year since 2010.  You can trust our dedication to quality service, safety, and care.

What our clients are saying about us

I really enjoy the physical and mental challenge this boot camp provides.   The trainers are great and after the session I really feel like I achieved something.  I have also changed my eating and together with my new job I’m feeling so much happier in general.

I really like the trainers care about us not getting injured and always have an option so they ensure we still partake in the activity and work the same area.

All in all really impressed,  thank you.


Kylie A.

Whenever you join a new fitness group/activity, you’re so anxious that you’ll be terrible and embarrassingly uncoordinated and/or unfit and it’s quite a daunting experience normally. But I think whats so special about Healthy Balance Fitness is that you have a real philosophy of building on people’s strengths rather than focussing on deficits, and encourage us to just go at our own pace and celebrate our own milestones rather than worry about being slowest/weakest in the class… I think what makes you guys so amazing and unique to other groups out there.

What makes you guys amazing and unique

Thanks again for another fantastic running group course.  A couple of years ago I would never have dreamed that running would be a highlight of my week.

Running is the highlight of my week

Healthy Balance Fitness is a fun and motivating way to get fit. The trainers and other team members are great and despite working hard during a session we always finish smiling!  

We always finish smiling

It is a well deserved award because you work so tirelessly to achieve your goals and always help us in absolutely everything that we ask of you, we couldn’t ask for a better coach to lead us. You’re the best!

You’re the best!

I confess I was a little apprehensive before I started 3 weeks ago, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself for ages, so a HUGE thank you.

Best thing I’ve done for myself for ages

Jodie – just wanted to thank you and your team for getting me fit and back on track again! I love the fact that we are pushed to stretch ourselves, but within a safe and supportive environment. I’ve gone from being someone who put off exercising because I thought I didn’t have enough time, to making it a priority in my life because I enjoy working out at the Boot Camp. As well as seeing an amazing improvement in my fitness over the past 2 months, I’ve got more energy… Thanks again!

Made exercise a priority because I enjoy Boot Camp

Boxing and boot camp are the most fun I have ever had exercising and I love the positive messages from both the staff and newsletters! The workouts are varied; no two have been the same and there are always variations and alternatives if you need them. Michelle is supportive and encouraging and as a result I probably work harder than I would ever push myself at the gym.

No two workouts have been the same

I am so excited about what I have achieved this year! I could not have done it without the support of Healthy Balance Fitness. I have made some amazing positive changes to my life this year and I am very proud of that. A year ago I would not have bothered to get up early on a Sunday morning to run 10km!!!! I’m looking forward to finishing off this year on a high and continuing to achieve new goals…

Since starting HIIT boot camp my osteopath said she has noticed a real improvement in my back (even after just 4 weeks). It has been much looser, and she attributes it to the boot camp sessions.

Improved back muscles

I really love the way you run things Jodie, you’ve got a great business and some awesome trainers who go above and beyond.  I like the variety of your programs and the tips you send each week, it shows you do care and I can’t say I’ve come across any other fitness groups that have shown the same commitment to their clients.

Thanks to you and your team I am feeling fit, happy and healthy and looking fabulous (If I do say so myself!)… You have really helped a single girl to get out there and enjoy life again!

Helped a single girl get out there and enjoy life again

“You have really helped a single girl to get out there and enjoy life again!”  – Elizabeth Knight

“You have really helped a single girl to get out there and enjoy life again!”  – Elizabeth Knight

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